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TITAN™ Stand

TITAN Adjustable Dumbbell Stand

We highly recommend the use of a stand with the TITAN™ system to spare you from possible injury from trying to pick the weights up and place them down on the floor. (Lifting weights will make you stronger, but in the meantime you can't work out if you're in traction.) Our TITAN™ stand was specifically engineered to complement the precise measurements and design of the TITAN™ set.

• Stand holds a TITAN™ set
• Footprint: 21" x 24"
• Overall height: 25"
• Weight: 27 pounds
• Heavy-duty construction
• Powdercoated Silvervein finish
• Tray coated in high-strength plastic finish

In addition to adding value to a workout, the TITAN™ stand also provides a convenient, sturdy, and beautifully designed place to store the weights when they’re not in use. Even if you want to use your TITAN™ dumbbells 24 hours a day, we don’t recommend it.