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Everyone who sees the TITAN™ up close and handles them has good things to say. Many are downright speechless. We'd like to share some of their comments with you here:

"I get great comments from everyone who sees my TITAN set. It's a very sexy design. It's like nothing else out there."
- Dave A.

"This thing is incredible!"
- Gail S.
Physical Therapist

"Unbelievable! Every part is quality - it's tight. What a nice product!"
- Barry B.
Science Teacher, Ret. USN Reserve

"I want these things in all my gyms. I can have more clients being trained (by a personal trainer) per square foot at a time."
- Paul B.
Owner of four personal training gyms

”The weights seem to be more balanced than some of the other ones, that are out there. They feel more like real dumbbells. How can you beat that, plus the lifetime warranty is huge because it’s a lifetime warranty.”
- Brad R.
The Exercise Equipment Store

“We’ve used a lot of adjustable dumbbells, and the quality of Titan is better than anything I’ve seen before. The smoothness of selection, the ease of selecting weights and being able to choose your weight and get moving in a matter of seconds is a big deal.”
- Matt H.
Charlotte Fitness