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A Letter from the Inventor

More than just a few years back, it became obvious to me that I needed to make a regular training program part of my life and having been disappointed by gyms and fitness centers several times, it appeared that getting my own equipment and working out at home was the cheapest (overall), most effective, and most convenient method of achieving my fitness goals. Going to clubs and fitness centers was not sufficiently appealing to me not to mention all the distractions they presented. My goal was to exercise, not get a date. The precious travel time to and from the club, the never-ending wait in line for equipment and the cost for these privileges seemed ridiculous.

With the intent of building my own small home gym, I set out to find the equipment that would give me the most bang-for-the-buck. It was almost immediately clear that freeweights are the best tool for overall fitness training. Period. Nothing else comes close. Cable machines are massive, expensive, and limited in their benefits. Being a martial artist for decades, I needed a program and equipment that would work all the muscles I use, not just the big muscle groups.

This led me to dumbbells. Dumbbells require a great deal of control to use - and in doing so, build the same muscles required for my martial arts. Of course, a big rack of dumbbells was both massive and expensive, so that was no good for my gym.

A fairly new concept (at the time) was selectorized dumbbells. They showed promise, but the models available then did not inspire me. The idea was appealing, but they didn't feel comfortable or safe to use or were fussy to select weights. After trying everything on the market it was apparent that each adjustable dumbbell had significant drawbacks that kept me from putting down my hard earned money.

Being a progeny of three generations of inventors, most being professional machinists, my mind quickly starting thinking of the simplest way to achieve the goals that selectorized adjustable dumbbells are trying to reach. The mechanism had to be extremely simple, easy to use, with an attractive design. I adore elegance and know that any good invention is not only innovative in its function, but is attractive in appearance.

My father and I took quite a bit of time and designed the next generation of adjustable dumbbell, with all the features desirable for my workouts and none of the drawbacks. It took many nights at the drawing board, different test and trials, and a few rather spirited debates, but we nailed it.
The two of us decided, after showing our results to others, that we wanted to share our invention with the world. The response when people handle the TITAN for the first time is a real treat; they are absolutely amazed. TITAN was obviously an item for people who wanted a no-compromise-on-quality product in their home gym.

Every day, more and more people are realizing that their health is the most important thing they will ever have, and it must be cared for otherwise it will deteriorate. How long you live and the quality of living you enjoy both come from a strong and healthy body, as well as a healthy mind. The two go hand in hand. As we grow older, these things become evident.

The last decade has seen a kind of renaissance in workouts. They are not just for athletes or bodybuilders any more, they are for every person who wants to live strong - young or old. There are some fantastic programs like Tony Horton's P90X, and a personal favorite of mine: "Core Performance" by Mark Verstegen. Both clearly show how to get great results with minimal equipment. I don't get anything by linking to these or endorsing them, but they are both awesome in their effectiveness.

This comes down to the essence of my philosophy: For your sake and the sake of your loved ones: get and stay healthy. Exercise, be active, move. I'd love it if you bought my products, but in the end get whatever it takes - even a competitor's product - to get you working out. Don't let a limited budget, a busy schedule, or any other limitation stand in your way - make it happen. If you are drawn to another product or method for getting healthy, that is great. Get it, do it, and stick with it. Your body, your mind, your attitude, and your life will be all the better for it.

One last thing in closing: Thank You to all of our loyal customer whose enthusiastic response to our product and feedback have made this project a delight. It's not an easy road, inventing - to say the least. Your excitement about the TITAN and the warm reception it has gotten has made all the work and hardship worthwhile. From the bottom of my heart - Thank You!

Take care,
Tristan Chermack