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You've got questions, here are our answers to them:

Q: What makes this Dumbbell so different?
A: The TITAN™ is the finest dumbbell on the market, nothing else even comes close to it's performance or feel. It feels like a solid dumbbell, but takes up a small corner in your home or small gym. The TITAN™ is the fastest changing adjustable dumbbell on the market, one touch and you're ready to go. It is the only adjustable dumbbell that will let you do effective circuit training workouts with short or no break times between sets.

Q: How big is the Dumbbell?
A: 15"L x 6"H x 6"W. For more specifications, see our TITAN™ technical specifications page.

Q: Why a 65 pound dumbbell?
A: Dumbbells aren't just for building biceps. To work the whole body, you need a full range of weights and 65 pound dumbbells provide an extremely versatile range. The TITAN™ is a full home gym dumbbell set that provides you with plenty of weight without being far more than you will use.

Q: How easy is it to adjust the weight of the dumbbell?
A: As easy as turning on your car radio or kitchen stove. It is so easy that you can do it blindfolded or in your dark basement. Each increment clicks into position. You don't have to memorize color charts or add up different weights to figure out what it weighs, one glance shows you.

Q: After I select a weight what happens to the dumbbell?
A: The TITAN™ is ready to go, just pick it up and start your set.

Q: Do I need a stand or for this dumbbell?
A: Although the TITAN™ does not require a stand, we highly recommend using a stand so you don't hurt yourself bending down to move it. If you add deadlifts to your workout, you'll strengthen your back so that you won't have any problem bending over to pick up 65 measily pounds. For more, see the TITAN™ stand technical specifications page.

Q: How long will this dumbbell last? What is your warranty?
A: The TITAN™ is made to last you a lifetime. We are proud to stand behind our product. We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects. If it breaks or wears out with normal use, we will replace it at no cost to you. For more, see our guarantee and warranty page.

Q: What do I do if I ever have a problem with the dumbbell?
A: Contact us and we will make arrangements to replace the components that are being a problem. We don't want to give you another excuse for missing a workout. See our guarantee and warranty page.

Q: Can I Drop it?
A: The TITAN™ is designed to be durable for use as a piece of weightlifting equipment, not a basketball. Although the TITAN™ will more likely damage your floor than the unit itself, just as with all other freeweights, it is best not to drop it.

Q: How do I get a set?
A: You can look for the TITAN™ in sports equipment and fitness retailers near you. We can help you find a retailer close to you that carries BodyForce products. If you have questions or would like to place an order, you can go to our online store or contact us directly.

Q: Other products?
A: BodyForce has other products in the design phase right now. We are intent on providing you with the finest body improvement tools you can find anywhere.

Q: How do I clean it? Maintain it? Oil it?
A: We recommend merely wiping sweat off of it after use. The metal is epoxy powdercoated to resist corrosion. The mechanism is sealed and requires no lubrication or maintenance. Unless you abuse the TITAN™, it will last a lifetime.

Q: Do I need anything else? (pins, trays, accessories, etc…)
A: The only thing you need with the TITAN™ is the determination to use it. We would recommend a standard workout bench available at most fitness and sporting goods retailers. The bench will expand the number of exercises you can do with your TITAN™.

Q: What are they made of?
A: The weights are epoxy powdercoated steel. The handle is one solid piece of high-stress plastic. The support rods are cold drawn stressproof steel and the drive gears are brass. The grip is rubber, so you won't get torn up hands. The knob is rubber coated so it is always easy to grip and turn even during the toughest workouts.

Q: I've got a question you guys haven't thought of, how do I get more answers?
A: Contact us!