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How Does TITAN™ Stack Up?

What about the other adjustable dumbbells on the market? What does the TITAN™ do that the others don't? The TITAN™ is a breed apart from the other adjustable dumbbells out there. Don't believe us? Have a look for yourself:

Feature SelectTech PowerBlock* TITAN™
Single Dumbbell Maximum Weight 52.5 50 65
One click weight change No No Yes
Expandable No Yes Yes***
Fits a Large Hand Yes No Yes
Tight, Solid, Safe Feel No No Yes
Self-contained (no tray required) No Yes Yes
Weight Evenly Balanced No Yes Yes
Lifetime warranty No No Yes
Epoxy Powdercoated Finish No No Yes
Made in U.S.A. No No Yes
Price (Set of DBs including stand) $548 +shipping $488 +shipping $699
Free Shipping
Price Per Pound $5.22 $4.88 $5.37

*  Power Block Club Set – 5 –45 lb.
** The TITAN™ patented weight change system is the fastest of any adjustable dumbbell.
***TITAN Expansion in development, coming in the future.

Everyone is concerned with costs these days, and your home fitness equipment is no exception. It is difficult to compare the price of one adjustable dumbbell precisely to another because of the total weight each can offer. When you look at cost, also look at what you are getting for overall weight too.

The TITAN™ looks great in a photo, but is even more impressive to handle. Our customers love the TITAN™ because it works easier, better, faster, feels nicer, and looks better than anything else you can find.

We're happy to put the TITAN™ up against the competition. Just try out the competitor's products and try ours, you'll see where the quality is. Nothing beats the TITAN™!