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Great news! We are now working with Universal Nutrition in Chile to bring the TITAN™ to the South American fitness market. Visit their website: for more information.

Your health is critical to your quality of life - a fit and strong body is necessary for good health. This gets more important as the body grows older. There is no substitute for exercise to acheive and maintain a healthy body and mind.

There is precious little time to devote to staying fit - New workout programs use strength training and cardio simultaneously for maximum results in short workout times.

A fast weight changing adjustable dumbbell is crucial for these new workouts - We have the only solution that will keep up!

TITAN Adjustable Dumbbell

BodyForce is proud to introduce the TITAN™ adjustable dumbbell — the high performance selectorized dumbbell. Designed to take the place of an entire rack of weights, the patented TITAN™ system provides all the power of a traditional dumbbell set in a compact package — offering the fastest weight changes for the newest generation of fitness workouts.

Click and Lift
The TITAN™ adjustable dumbbell system can be set anywhere from 5 to 65 pounds, in five-pound increments. Simply turn the knob, and the appropriate weight mechanically attaches to the handle with steel support rods. The easy-to-read indicator shows you your selected weight at a glance. One turn and you are ready to go, no pins, no arithmetic, just on with your workout. For workouts with little or no break time between exercises, the TITAN™ is the only adjustable that can change in mid-set and let you keep working.

Want to see the TITAN™ in action?

Direct link to TITAN Demonstration video

Manufactured in Minnesota by BodyForce LLC, the heavy-duty, patented TITAN™ adjustable dumbbell is made of epoxy powdercoated steel, with cold-drawn stress-proof steel support rods, brass drive gears, and a high-stress, one-piece plastic handle with a molded rubber grip. TITAN™ delivers all the power and feel of 910 pounds of traditional dumbbells — in a convenient, space-saving design. The footprint of the TITAN™ set is only about 1.5 square feet.

Freeweight circuit training workouts require very fast weight changes, and the TITAN™ is the only single-touch, fast-changing free weight dumbbell available.

There is plenty of space in the handle for large hands, or even two hands if you need it for your specific exercise.

Made in USA The TITAN™ is made in America. Some companies import their products, assemble them in the US and claim ‘Made in USA’. The TITAN™ is made entirely in the US, not just assembled here. We also use US parts and labor exclusively. We are the only fitness equipment manufacturer that can say that, and we’re proud of it.

Check out the TITAN™'s technical specifications, how it stacks up against the competition, and what people are saying about the products. If you'd like to look for a retailer who carries the TITAN™, we can help.


If you're ready for a set of the finest selectorized adjustable dumbbells available anywhere, please visit our online store.